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The coaches at ISUN are amazing – Simply the best educators in my opinion. They drove my child to be confident and be a goal-getter! I particularly like the idea of the experiential camp.. it helped my child bond with her peers and the coaches! Over the course of only a few weeks, I saw how Aretha start to find her purpose and interest to her learning. She would seat through late nights, with the desire and dedication to complete her assignments.
The S3 are so cool and I wonder why our school systems do not have similar attributes in their training and learning… I guess the difference is that you guys are indeed coaches! Thank you for coaching Aretha both academically and holistically. You guys have prepared her well for not only PSLE – but Life!

Dad of Aretha Poh

Thank you for everything! Yu-En has progressed very well in her studies and most importantly her self esteem during her journey in ISUN. She has made very good friends who have supported her immensely as well. The coaches have put their heart and soul in making her journey fun and educational as well as inspiring her to go beyond her self limiting beliefs. She comes back from every session with a smile on her face even though it can be super tiring.

Mum of Khor Yu-En

We cannot thank ISUN enough for the education they have provided for our daughter. We chose to thank ISUN for the education they provide because not only did they focus on Caitlin’s studies, they also emphasized greatly in other equally important aspects like confidence, appreciation, love, and care for friends and family.

ISUN provided a holistic environment for Caitlin to grow up in. An environment that helped Caitlin blossom.

You are not only teachers, you are LIFE COACHES!

Parents of Caitlin Chew

Both my boys, P6 & P4 attended ISUN tuition programs and I would say that I would strongly recommend ISUN to any parents that are looking for not just academic improvements but also character building. The coaches here are very passionate and caring and they guide the children with values and therefore a great improvement in their academics.
I have 4 kids all attended different tuition centres but never found one like ISUN. Thank you ISUN coaches for the wonderful experience in learning for kids. You are the best.
Grace Lim

Mum of Trevor Por

Dearest ISUN,
Thank you for giving Caleb the guidance he needed in his academic preparation, but more importantly, thank you for instilling in him a sense of responsibility (towards his academics) and a firm discipline towards his work.

These values are way more precious than his academic results! The confidence he has found in SUN is also invaluable!

Thank you to the coaches for being so encouraging and motivating! Caleb is always so ready and eager to attend classes! You guys are really awesome educators, focusing not just on academic excellence, but also character growth.

Once again, thank you!

Jian Rui

Mum of Caleb Yeo

Xian Huan became highly motivated to go for ISUN classes and he was always eager to go for classes. After ISUN, he was more positive about doing well for his PSLE. ISUN coaches are dedicated and empathize with their students to better understand their needs and concerns.
Their experiential learning gave Xian Huan more interest to learn. I highly recommend ISUN for motivating children.
Chua Jao Kwang/Estee Lim

Parents of Chua Xian Huan

Thank you ISUN for your enthusiastic teaching to Kaitlyn and the whole P6 cohort. The students enjoyed your classes and learnt a lot. Continue the wonderful teaching and support!

Parents of Kaitlyn Wang

Her confidence has soared and heart opened too. For the first time, she met friends and coaches who love her and believe in her more than herself. She has been more focused and clear about her goals and intentions. Their love for the children. It reflects in the way they teach, inspire and guide the children. Their dedication towards the children’s growth way surpasses even the parents. They are more than coaches; they are mentors, friends and family.
Writing the letter for my daughter was the most precious for me, as it got me to communicate some feelings for her which I may not be able to otherwise.

Dad of Khor Yu-En

Thank you to Julius and Lisu for the care and concern while coaching Breia. You both have been very patient towards her. Breia looks forward to class every time. We appreciate Julius for the extra time put in for Breia during the revision period.

Mum of Breia

Thank you to Julius and Lisu for the care and concern while coaching Breia. You both have been very patient towards her. Breia looks forward to class every time. We appreciate Julius for the extra time put in for Breia during the revision period.


Mum of Zoe Sheh

Dear coaches at ISUN,
This is the tuition centre that I have never regretted sending my daughter to. I have never sung so many praises of a tuition centre ever. You guys are definitely doing something RIGHT! It’s not just about the academics, but the positive attitude and mindset you guys are imparting to the ones under your wings. I truly, truly, appreciate you all!!! ISUN is definitely the place to be. Plenty of positive, uplifting vibes all around. Just like one big family! Thank you for accompanying my daughter on this journey. You guys are just DAEBAK!

Parents of Clariss Ong

I am thankful to ISUN for transforming Verone into someone who has more confidence in herself and believes in her potential to realise her dreams if she has put in her 100%! She has grown up to be a mature and responsible girl. All these are the credits and efforts of ISUN! Kudos to all the ISUN coaches!

Parents of Verone Lim

Dear Julius,

The past year in ISUN has been AWESOME, especially with you. This year has been filled with many ups and downs, mostly happy moments. What I LOVE most about your classes is that we always have fun no matter what. You are always in a happy mood and always emit a ‘good vibe’. You let me know that making mistakes is okay, as long as we learn from them. My results had been a rollercoaster before ISUN, but now, it’s been going upwards! I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for guiding me as a student and a boy. I would miss the happiness and friends I have made in your class.

Zenith Teo

Class of 2018

Dear Julius,

The past year has been great! Your lessons are always interesting and fun! Thank you for always giving your best in class to make lessons as fun as possible for us. I like how the time in your lessons always pass the fastest. I remember how my results jumped from a fail to a high B in the space of 2 lessons at the end of P5 SA2. And now, I’m averaging A. In my most recent Mock exam, I even achieved 89! You help us in any challenges we face, encouraging us no matter what we do, including games during lessons, something schools will never do. I have learnt to be positive no matter what the results will be because what’s done cannot be undone. Thank you for all that you have done!

Verone Lim

Class of 2018

Dear Julius,

Thank you for teaching me for 9 months. I would like to thank you for your motivation and encouragement to like this subject, which I hated last time. You constantly say that Math is the easiest subject to score A*, so I decided to do more practices and I realised that it was a beautiful subject after all! The S3 were really helpful as they allowed me to apply my strategies easily! I will really miss your positive attitude. You always encouraged me to do even better even when I did not meet my targets, unlike other tutors who always nag at me. After all your guidance, I will do my best during PSLE! Thank you for everything!

Kaitlyn Wang

Class of 2018

Dear Julius,

I came to ISUN in June this year and I scored 80 for Math in SA1. My mum enrolled me in your class and I enjoyed it since the first lesson. You helped me improve from 80 to 95 in prelims! That is only 2.5 months!! The thing I enjoyed the most in class is your positive energy and carefree attitude. You helped me become more attentive in lessons. I would like to say thank you for all your hard work and help you have given to me. I will miss the creative lessons and your cheerful attitude. Everything you have done to me helped shape my future and to score the A* in PSLE! THANK YOU!!

Patrick Chen

Class of 2018

Dear Julius,

The past year in ISUN has been fun and active. I have enjoyed learning all the new concepts and strategies especially for Paper 2! It took only 1 examination before my Math results jumped from a fail to B!! I would like to thank Julius for making the only tuition I don’t mind going every week! Julius gives off a positive vibe and rarely gets angry at students. I will miss the students and Julius from his class the most as they are different from most tuition centres.

Toby Lai

Class of 2018

Dear Julius,

Thank you so much Coach Julius! You were the first person to have taught me in ISUN and gave me a good impression of the place. You made me realize that ISUN was not just a regular tuition centre, which gives you a mountain of homework but a place where students can have fun and learn. I will really miss the coaches who have taught me for the past year!

Bryan Chong

Class of 2018

Dear Julius,

Well, I’m just saying I’m glad I came to ISUN. Talking about your classes specifically, you’ve improved my results the most, from around 80+ to 91 and above! Its a rather big jump for me, as you can imagine. I only received my first A* early this year even though I only came in late 2017.

Also, ISUN has changed my friendship life. I have more friends in ISUN who actually understand me than in school. And, it is a bit embarrassing to admit, but I realized that I don’t really care about getting A* now. It is more of scoring as high as possible so that I can get into any school I want. In the end, it’s more about friends than results. I think ISUN has made me realize that.

Early last year, I thought I was an average student, still struggling to get good-enough results. Now, I know that I definitely have more potential and am focusing on other things, so I am thankful.

You’ve challenged me many times while I was at ISUN, such as the Rosyth paper and Forming Equations. Those have changed my thinking though, in a good way. I can also safely say that I am good at F.E. now.

I will miss ISUN a lot. Math became my favorite and easiest subject after attended your classes. I’ll definitely miss your easy explanation for the Math questions, and the bickering during class. I’ll be back next year though. I’ll make sure of it!

Hope I make you guys proud!!

Yu En

Class of 2018

Our Facebook Reviews

The coaches are simply Superb 👍👍👍 They bring child's interest back into studies with their professional experiences. My kid used to dislike tuition. After we enrolled him into Isun, he looks forward to every tuition and assignments given to him.Thanks Coaches. 👏👏👏read more
Alvin Ng
这是我至今遇到的最好的补习中心!不!他不仅仅是一间帮助孩子们学习的补习中心,更是激励孩子让他们自己形成自我成长意识的一个机构!我很幸运儿子小学六年级这最重要的一年在ISUN 学习和成长!小女儿明年三年级,她比哥哥更幸运的是她可以从小学三年级就可以在ISUN学习和成长💕thank you so much for ISUN EDUCATION CENTER especially Coach Lisu 🤘🏻read more
Yating Liu
Teachers who are as dedicated to our children’s education as us parents are. It has been awhile since my boy has graduated from ISUN yet he still fondly remembers each teacher and the encouragements that they have given to him. For me, one that can impart positivity and good values to a child is what sets ISUN from the rest.Like a family unit, it definitely nurtures.read more
Candice Can
Coaches in Isun are very fun and dedicated. Not only did my son improve in his result, he improves in his confidence and attitude in learning too. Never a day he drag himself to Isun despite that he needs to travel an hr to Isun everytime. In fact, he loves it so much that he treats it like his second home.read more
Joanna Lye
My daughter totally enjoyed her science lessons with Lisu and wouldn't miss it for the world. She had a good foundation for science and constantly topped her class. ISUN inspires and motivates kids to be their best. The teachers are caring and passionate and there is a personal rapport. Huge thumbs up ISUN 👍🏻read more
Sofie Hon
ISUN coaches are kind . My science results improve ever since i joined ISUN . Through the power revision, I understand more about the other topics that my school teacher did not teach. Anytime when I need reference in my work, I will refer and it is very useful.read more
Mun Xuan Goh
Different (better) approach to education. And not restricted to book learning either as elements of character building are incorporated in their methodology. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone! 🙂read more
Warren Wong Eu-Wie
The best learning center which cultivates students’ passion for learning through independent learning, collaborative learning, creative learning and real world learning. The process creates a ISUN community in which each student realizes his/her full potential, building self-confidence to be future ready.read more
Kwan Ken
The Science sharing session conducted by Li Su was carefully designed. Her teaching method was very organized and my daughter and I learnt a lot from the session. Awesome session!read more
Mah Wai Leong
I've never believed in tuition for my children. However, a student's testimonial about iSun got me curious and I attended a preview with my daughter. We've not looked back since. In a short few months, she's more confident, doing better and loves the family environment in iSun. It's a blessing indeed that we stumbled upon iSun this way.read more
Goh Wan Pin
Thank you to coach Lisu for the time at Ignition workshop. We enjoyed the session and thank you for the motivation given to Hugo. Hope that he will remain motivated and always give his best.read more
Imely Tirta
Although my son is no longer coached by LiSu or Elsie, but these 2 wonderful ladies have made a tremendous impact during his primary school days. He simply enjoyed every learning sessions, brought back exciting learning experiences, gained knowledge and made new friends. ISUN was a surprise found for the last min scrabble to do better for PSLE. Especially to Elsie, you have been a terrific coach in Mathematics and now a dear friend �! Keep up the good work ISUN!read more
Renee Tee
Since I joined Isun in 2011 when I was in Primary 4, Isun has changed my life. Before joining Isun, I had troubles coping in school as I was unable to understand what my school teachers were teaching. When I was first joined Isun, I was truly impressed by how the coaches coached us in the various subjects. Through the use of One-Page Concept Maps (OPCM), I was able to master all the key points of the particular chapter and master the topic. Until now, in Secondary 4, I still make use of OPCMs to facilitate and guide my own learning. Isun coaches are bunch of fun and motivated people who put in alot of effort to inspire and motivate us to do well. After joining Isun for a few months, I saw a greater improvement in my results and was extremely motivated to study harder to get my A*. Isun doesn't believe in 'trying', but instead believes that one has to put in his/her 110% in everything he/she does. Through Power Revision in June 2013, in preperation for PSLE, I learnt a lot from the Experiential Camp and was able to understand more about myself. I put in my all in the final phases leading to PSLE, and with the guidance from my team of coaches (Li Su, Elsie & Lorenz), I was able to attain outstanding results for my PSLE. Isun has truely changed my life in many different ways. Until now, I still participate actively in the Isun Alumni and occasionally go back to help out the coaches as a way of thanking them for their guidance over the years.read more
Lim John
After attending 17Mar Power Ignition workshop, we noticed a positive change in Kaelyn. Even few days after workshop, she seems cheerful handling her studies.She made the decision to attend ISun classes for Maths, Science & English.After attended 2 classes so far, her face after class was cheerful as compared to previous tution classes she attended.I guess ISun did made a difference!read more
Justin Lim
Found ISUN EDU fm fb and explore it with my boy and husband. Ms Lisu was experience, friendly and able to connect with kids and parent. Very glad that she abled to bring my boy to a very high level of enthusiasm thank you so much.read more
Jess Noble

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