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We are the 1st to make academic excellence coupled with Persona coaching by putting the smile back into learning

Our Signature PSLE Academic Coaching Program has helped over 3,717 students from over 160 schools for the past 10 years. 100% of our students who joined in March 2017 have made minimal 2 grades improvements* in key PSLE subjects.

Signature PSLE Academic Coaching Program 

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Find out if my child is suitable for

Find out if my child is suitable for

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Every student has a way of using the learning tool. Using the learning tool in the right way is more important than having the right learning tool.

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Every marker has guidelines to award marks. There are untaught techniques to assist your child to score with ease.

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Signature PSLE Academic Coaching Program

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“Both my boys, P6 & P4 attended ISUN programs and I would say that I would strongly recommend ISUN to any parents that are looking for not just academic improvements but also character building. The coaches here are very passionate and caring and they guide the children with values and therefore a great improvement in their academics. 


I have 4 kids all attended different tuition centres but never found one like ISUN. Thank you ISUN coaches for the wonderful experience in learning for kids. You are the best.” 

Grace | Mother of Trevor & Joseph Por

“…I scored a ‘C’ grade for both her Math and Science, and within 6 months when she did her prelims in school, she scored ‘A’ for both subjects and in PSLE, she scored ‘A*s’ for them! And that is really a dream come true for Karyn…”

Karyn Tan | ISUN Graduate

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Ever since the first day I came to ISUN, I have fallen in love with the cool and interesting teaching methods that the coaches use so as to help their students to do well in their studies. ISUN provides a wide variety of S3, which have many notes and important information which have benefitted me causing my examination results to JUMP BY 30 marks from my P6 CA1 to Prelims! ...


I have also become more confident and am no longer afraid of attending Science examinations! Now I aim to get A* for Science in PSLE, which I totally believe that I can achieve! ISUN coaches always encourages us and tell us that we can do it! (Getting good results! ..." 


Farrel Lim, P6 2017, D to A


"...the knowledge that you shared with me has really helped me improve my science. It has also changed the way I look at Science by 180 degree. Last time, I always dislike Science. With all the words we had to write in booklet B and the time consuming booklet A. However, joining your class, your method to do booklet A and and B has inspired me to do the same. I know that following your way, I know that I can do very well for PSLE. I will do my best in PSLE and hope to get an A* for Science. ...The S3 when read, makes it easy for me to learn the Science concept. Me writing myself has also made it easy for me to understand. Normally, I read the S3 3 times before the exam. Once at home, second when going to school, third when in school. By just reading the S3, I have already scored 85.5 for prelim Science. The S3 is indeed really helpful! ..."


Ethan Cheng, P6 2017, B to high A



 "I was so so motivated to get ALL my misconceptions right and also suddenly had a PASSION for Science. I still remember during the very first lesson, we did a heat S3. By the way, all the S3 I made this year were one of the reasons my concepts become clearer!  

I will treasure my S3 forever. My experience in ISUN was absolutely fantastic (experiential camp, power up revision...)  

and I will never forget them!" 


Lizanne Lim, P6 2017, High A

"Thank you for teaching me for 9 months. I would like to thank you for your motivation and encouragement to like this subject, which I hated last time. You constantly say that Math is the easiest subject to score A*, so I decided to do more practices and I realised that it was a beautiful subject after all! The S3 were really helpful as they allowed me to apply my strategies easily! I will really miss your positive attitude. You always encouraged me to do even better even when I did not meet my targets, unlike other tutors who always nag at me. After all your guidance, I will do my best during PSLE! Thank you for everything!" 

- Kaitlyn Wang, P6 2018, fail to B

"Having been in ISUN for about 1 year, I feel that ISUN is very different from other tuition centres. There is a lot of motivation and the coaches actually wants to help you. I got a shock after receiving my grades for my SA1, which was 56 marks. So I worked really hard and under coach Julius guidance and coaching, I managed to score 76 for prelims. It’s not the best, but I will work harder for PSLE. One of the things I enjoyed most in ISUN is the making of our S3. Not only have they helped me in my grades, they also helped me to become a neater person. I want to thank the ISUN community for helping me make it through P6. I hope I can give back to ISUN in the future."

Jaedon Ong, P6 2019, C to A

“My results for science since P3 has always been a borderline or a failure as I used to think that science was not important and never liked it. After joining ISUN, I realized that Science was not as boring or difficult to remember or understand, as you made science easy and fun to learn and I had no regrets, I also saw a big improvement in my results to 73 marks and was happy, you gave me all the tools (S3) I needed to obtain better results. I enjoyed making new friends and getting to know more, and I am grateful for the coaches hard work that they have put in to make a change in us. Coach Li Su lesson will never be forgotten as my journey through all your lessons was truly memorable.” 

Lucas Seck, P6 2019, fail to B

“…. During power revision, even though I had to study for 4 hours and for 3 subjects, Coach Li Su, coach Julius and your class was entertaining and it changed my impression of ISUN... I felt that you were passionate towards your students. I think that even though your jokes are pretty but that somehow cheered me up and gave the momentum... Since P1-6, I had only scored A three times. I think that you helped me build my momentum for English.”

Dillion, P6 2019, B to A

"It has been fun and enjoyable for the past one year. I enjoy the inspirational and funny videos and the way he teaches us.  You have helped me realized that math is not hard but I just have to put in more effort. You showed me examples of other students that were worse than me but were all able to achieve A* if they work really hard. You are very cheerful, fun, kind and patient with teaching students that don’t understand math questions. I would miss the high spirits of the coaches in ISUN and the fun lesson the most if I leave ISUN."

Caeden, P6 2019, C to A*

" I think that the activity I like the most during English lessons is when we played ‘Heads Up’ with the class. ☺ During that activity, everyone in the class had a lot of fun including me. During your interesting and fun lessons, I have learnt many different things such as strategies to help me in the exams and our attitude. You have taught us that we can never achieve our goals if our attitude is bad so you helped us improve our attitude. Because of you, I have found my English lessons interesting during school days and I was able to understand what was being taught in my lessons so my exam results will improve. Although my exam results were not always high, you never gave up on me and taught me to thrive for the best. Thanks to your lessons and help, my English exam results have been improving! I am very grateful that you are coaching me this year and for your lessons which had taught me to give my 101%! I hope that you will continue to coach the batch of P6 students next year! I will always remember you in my heart!"

Sidney Lee, P6 2018, B to A 

"Coach Lisu helped me to understand what is my full potential and made lesson fun for me. I always look forward to each lesson. She would also help me if I don’t understand anything or had any questions. Because of coach Lisu, I managed to pass booklet B for the first time! My parents have seen improvements and they are very happy. Now, they ask me to help my brother for science. I hope that when I am older, I can come back to ISUN to help and volunteer."  


Zoe, P6 2018, B to A

Ever since I joined your class I knew I was going to enjoy your class. Your lame jokes and your “grandmother” story that brought me such joy and happiness I even started to have an interest in English. I hope you can carry on with telling all your lame jokes because your jokes is so lame that it makes me laugh and ROLF my eyes. I have always joined other tuition centers but they just make me bored making me lose interest in the subject.

Your class taught me different strategies for English allowing me to jump from C to A that was the most happy moment of my life. Your S3 can even be passed to my younger cousin for him to study and I bet this S3 can be used until my secondary school. During power revision, you and other coaches all put in a lot of effort to create that book! Thank you a lot. 

You have made me grow not only academically but also through my character and values =D. like I mentioned you made me jump from C to A. you have always told me I had the potential to get A* and I should  never give up. That statement gave me motivation and I promised myself to achieve such a goal. Now I am getting there. I bet you have provided enough of strategies now it is up to me to revise and decide what to do. Now P6 going to leave ISUN. But I would always remember ISUN. This is really the first tuition to hold such amazing activities to help students and even overnight camps. I really want to thank all of the coaches not only you =D 

Xavier Goh, P6 2019, C to A

Thank you for helping me to improve for my science! Because of your S3, I had a much easier time revising my work. Thanks to you, I had scored from an E to B, a jump of 31 marks! Your stories and jokes also helped me as I could remember things easier like when you thought us about electricity, I always remember the “relationship between coach Julius and coach Sam at sushi restaurant”. I enjoy the lessons at ISUN and it never failed to help me! When I first got my SA1 results, I thought there was no hope until I attended the classes at ISUN. You are a fun, kind, caring and friendly teacher, I like those types of teachers! Thank you for making life easier for me! YOU ARE MY HERO!

Ethan Chia, P6 2019, E to B

We are just showing you less than 5% of what our students and parents have written. 

If you want to see genuine sharings from our students and parents, ask the coaches to show you the handwritten notes of love when you come down!  

100% of the students have written lengthy testimonials about their positive learning experience! 

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