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  • Level: Primary 3, Primary 4 and Primary 5
  • Subjects: English, Math & Science

Dear Parents, 

are you facing these issues when marking your child's work?

Proper Marks Allocation

You are not sure how to assign marks for Section B in Science, Word Problems in Math, Comprehension open-ended in English

Explaining the Answers

You are not sure if the answers / reasonings you are providing them is entirely correct

Inaccurate Answer Keys

You are facing frustration with inaccurate answer keys when you are marking your child's work

No Time to Mark

You have many other commitments. You just do not have the time to review the paper with your child yet. 

What you will get in the Download

A detailed explanation of the concepts covered in each question which will allow you to provide a better explanation to your child when you are going through the solution

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“…. Lisu, Lisu, do you know that after the very very first lesson we had together, I was so so motivated to get ALL my misconceptions right and suddenly had a passion for science. I still remember that during my very first lesson, we did a heat S3 (Secret Success Strategies). By the way, all the S3 that I made were one of the reasons my concepts became clearer. I will treasure my S3 forever. My experience with ISUN was absolutely fantastic and I will never forget them. I really thank you for all you have done for me and I will always be grateful towards you. I will never ever forget ISUN, your fantastic teaching and you ....”

Lizanne Lim | Yew Tee Primary School to Nanyang Girls High

".... Hi Samantha, You are more than a coach! I am most grateful for your coaching as it helped me. You gave us S3 (Secret Success Strategies) to ‘cheat’ in exam. I think the most enjoyable activity is you making jokes to make us laugh and go hyper. 

You motivated me to do my best and give my 101% everytime when I am in school. I have more confidence in my exams as your videos have motivated me. I got a C grade to B grade in only 3 months! Thank you for coaching me! I appreciate it!  ...."

Chung Zhen Ming | Grades transformed from C to B

".... Hi Julius, Thank you for teaching me. What I enjoyed most in your lessons is your energetic personality every lesson. Thank you for replying to my whatsapp text on questions I the solutions clearly needed help on. I am grateful for you for always explaining to me if I do not understand the questions. You are a great coach and I will try my best to prove to you that I can get an ‘A’  ...."

Adrian Aw | Grades transformed from D to A

"....  I never believed in tuition for my children. However, a student’s testimonial about ISUN got me curious and I attended a preview with my daughter. We have never looked back since. 

In a short few months, she is more confident, doing better and loves the family environment in ISUN. It is a blessing indeed that we stumbled upon ISUN this way ...."

Goh Wan Pin | Mother of Khor Yu En

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