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  • Hi Lisu, thank you so much for the encourangemnt you gave my girl during the workshop on 10th October 2015. After the session, she was feeling much confident and motivated to do her own revision. I saw the difference in her and she is so motivated to try all questions by herself. She kept saying that she want to save all her soldiers. She just got back her marks for math and science. SA1 Math – 62, SA2 Math – 86! and SA1 Science 59 – SA2 Science-76!

    That was a great improvement! Thank you!

    - Alina's Mother, P4 2015, B to A (Math), C to A (Science), PLMGS
  • The classes have benefitted me by helping to memorise keywords and scientific words. Although I have scored a C for my CA1, I know that with your help I can at least get a high A for my SA1. And when I am stuck in a question, you taught me how to do the question. So thank you for what you have done for me.


    - Ruhan, T013XXXXF

    I improved by 10 marks in science and underlining keywords helps me understand the questions clearer. Teacher Lisu taught me patiently what I didn’t understand when I first came.


    - Rulben Sim, T002xxxxZ
  • Thank you for helping me in science! The extra lessons on Tuesday help me a lot in my exam – tested topics such as energy and forces. When I am not sure how to do some questions, you will come and assist me. Your teaching makes the class lesson every week when I come here for lesson every Sunday! Thank you!


    - Tay Li Xin, T017XXXXG Primary 5, 78 SA1 to 88 SA2
  • Dear Lisu, Thank you for coaching me Science this year! I love your class because you always make it fun and something to look forward to after a tiring week of school. I have learnt many strategies in answering science questions. Apart from that, I have also learnt to not take things for granted and to always cherish what we have. Thank you for always believing in me and always being a patient coach. You have inspired me by your determination and always saying that #nothingisimpossible!! I will always remember you as my AWESOME Science Coach~.


    - Maxine Tan, P5 2015, Henry Park Primary School
  • Xavier joined ISUN in 2012 during the school holiday program, and from there he proceed on to primary 6. His first year in ISUN was horrible. He was a playful boy and he can’t concentrate but somehow ISUN coaches were able to pull him back when he is not concentrating. ISUN coaches are very different from the other enrichment centres he was in.

    My boy finds that the lessons in ISUN are very lively unlike other enrichment schools. He finds that this place is the correct place to be in as it enabled him to get better results and he did. From 60 he shot up to A*, and he was very happy with it and I am very proud of it as well.

    He told me that he wanted to come back again and he really appreciate ISUN coaches as they made him achieve what he wanted. Till now, although he is in secondary school, he still continues to achieve A1 in his science even though he is no longer in ISUN. We are very proud that the coaches had opened a correct path for him to achieve his goals. A very big thank you and appreciation to all the coaches to achieve in his PSLE.

    - Cheng Puay Hoon, Mother of Xavier Koh, 2014
  • Josh joined ISUN in 2012. We got to know ISUN through my niece, who was previously from ISUN. The ISUN coaches are very connected with the students and they inspire the kids to do better, not just in their studies, but in all areas. I do drop by to the centre once in a while and I see that the coaches are very different and they have very strong rapport with the students.

    I believe that the rapport between the coaches and the students drives them to do better in their studies. The coaches periodically update the parents about their child’s progress. Every test paper that Josh took back to the centre, the coaches will go through with him again and spot the ‘not careful’ (we are not allowed to use the word ‘careless’) mistakes and how to overcome them. Josh only revise his Science with his OPCM (one Page Concept Map), which is a detailed summary sheet with all the key concepts into one A4 page. Students do not have to go through the pages of the contents from the textbook.

    Before that, he was alright with just a passing grade but after having gone through ISUN, now he only strives for the highest grade. He scored 50s to 60s previously but after attending ISUN lessons, he scored the highest in his class and he shared the experience with me, and I asked him how he felt, and he said “I am happy!” , and I replied, “When you are happy, I am happy too, you made me proud!”.


    - Mdm Melissa Ng, Mother of Josh Woo, 2013
  • Karyn started ISUN in March 2012, she was a girl without much confidence and that really worries me. When she don’t have the confidence, she doesn’t pick up anything. She will find that she won’t be able to accomplish things and she feels that she will not be able to succeed.

    When she started in ISUN, I can see the changes in her. For the first one month, she struggled a bit because she was getting used to the different methods ISUN was teaching.

    Then subsequently during June’s Power Revision, I can see that she built up more confidence and she did better for her subjects. She showed more significant improvements in her results after June and most importantly, she became more confident.

    I view confidence from how she does her work and how she tackles situations that is out of subjects and I find that ISUN has given her these kind of skills that so far, I see none from other tuition centres.

    I am very grateful for ISUN coaches as they do not ask why my child fail to perform previously.

    All they know is that whatever happens, it is not important, whatever happens next is the most important. During March 2012, she scored a ‘C’ grade for both her Math and Science, and within 6 months when she did her prelims in school, she scored ‘A’ for both subjects and in PSLE, she scored ‘A*s’ for them! And that is really a dream come true for Karyn. From then, she successfully went in to her dream school, which is Nan Yang Girls’ High School. I find that whatever she learnt from ISUN can still be used today and she is still using it, in terms of the use of concept maps and also the life-skills, the way she look at things, and her confidence she has is really permanent. I look back to 2012 journey with my daughter, there are not many words which I can use to express how grateful I am, but I tell myself that I have definitely made a right choice of choosing ISUN. I went through this journey with my daughter who hasn’t had much confidence in the past to someone who can take on any challenges in life confidently. Karyn scored 4 A*s in PSLE and graduated valedictorian of her school. Thank you ISUN.


    - Karen Yiong, Mother of Karyn Tan, 2012
  • Many of us in Singapore, we have 2 working parents, and it is not always easy to give the best to our children. We have thought about sending Andrew for tuition but many of the other tuition centres we have visited basically focus on exam results and focus on academic areas. We were actually looking for a tuition centre and teach the kid the methods rather than getting just the pure results. We were looking for a coaching centre with teachers that care.


    We attended the introduction session at ISUN and we were actually struck by how this group of young passionate teachers, who came across as very caring and work from an angle of motivation rather than just pure results. That was what struck us that these people really care. They were motivated and they want to get the children to be motivated as well. And I thought this was important because you can, through brute force, give a child good results, but it is not always easy to get them to be self-motivated and I think in this aspect, ISUN coaches did very well, that was one of the main reason why I sent Andrew to ISUN.


    Over the course of the few months when he was in ISUN, I notice that he grew from someone who was very happy with a ‘B’, or ‘C’ even, to someone that now, cannot be satisfied if he didn’t give his best. Over the short time when he tasted his first success, he found that he no longer want to go back to being mediocre and I think I really have the coaches in ISUN to thank for this.


    - Steven Tan, Father of Andrew Tan, 2014. (C to A* in 3 WEEKS)
  • The formative years in primary school are critical. Thus, it was important to us as parents to send our child to an institution that will not only teach but also cultivate good learning habits for our child and produce results. It was equally important to us that our child also enjoyed her school work. All these criteria were met at ISUN.


    Although the classes are fun the students are expected to contribute both mentally and participate actively. In other words, the coaches will dedicate themselves and put in a lot of effort, and expect the students to do the same. It’s not all about fun. Hence, the students look forward to attending the classes and participating. ISUN not only extrapolated the best from our child the institution was not an institution or a just a learning centre. ISUN has wonderfully innovative coaches who care about their students both intellectually and from the heart.


    These qualities can be seen in the manner the classes are administered and after school. In fact, it goes beyond that. They bond with their charge and show that they do care. They communicate as coaches and as friends. Even when the final examinations are done they reach out to their students to ensure that they are well. It goes beyond primary school. They keep in touch as friends and confidant.


    In my mind these are genuine coaching qualities that go beyond school and into the delicate lives of our child, they are beyond words and extraordinary.

    We highly recommend ISUN and are very satisfied with the coaches. They are truly exemplary and dedicated.



    Isabelle has benefited a lot from ISUN and the fond memories from the coaches and friends will stay with her forever.

    A big Thank you to Lisu, Elsie and Lorenz.

    - Melissa & Richard, Parents of Isabelle Lee, 2014