What is Academic Coaching?

It is a fusion of mind-set and skillset into the specific academic subject matter. We want our students to see the jump in their results in the shortest possible time as we know that once a student sees his/her first A*, they will not want to settle for anything less. We call this sustained motivation. Academic Coaching is full of energy, fun and laughter, as we believe that peak performance happens only when one’s energy is at its greatest. With this in mind, we create an environment that is special. We do not want to have students coming in for “just another tuition class”, instead, it is about creating new experiences for the child and bringing the smile back into learning!

Why should your child join us?

  • Achieve a BREAKTHROUGH in his/her results by the very next exam with an empowered A* MINDSET!
  • Get SERIOUS FUN in excelling academically by putting the smile back into learning with a 100% Commitment to his/her A* GOAL!
  • Master PROVEN EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES to simplify and solve challenging questions.

Academic Schedule

ISUN’s 2019 Primary Level Class Schedule

Math: Saturday, 9am to 11am
Science: Saturday, 11.15am to 1.15pm

English: Saturday, 2pm to 4pm
Math: Saturday, 11.15am to 1.15pm
Science: Saturday, 9am to 11am

English: Saturday, 11.15am to 1.15pm
Math: Saturday, 2pm to 4pm
Science: Saturday, 4.15pm to 6.15pm
Sunday, 11.15am to 1.15pm


English: Wednesday, 5pm to 7pm
*Saturday, 9am to 11am (5 seats left) 
Math: Tuesday, 5pm to 7pm
Saturday, 11.15am to 1.15pm (FULL)
Science: Wednesday 7pm to 9pm (Newly opened due to popular demand!)

Saturday, 2pm to 4pm (FULL)
*Sunday, 9am to 11am (3 seats left!) 

Chinese: Starting in 19 June 2019 for Power Revision

Academic Schedule:  These are the classes available. Preferred choices may not be given due to difference in class learning pace and dynamics. This can only be decided after a meet-up session.

*P6 weekend slots are filling up fast! Slots are only available on a first come first serve basis. Class is of a maximum size of 15. Do contact us at 88169595 to be on the waiting list should there be schedule clashes.