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Coach Profiles

Lynn Ye

The Math Master

Lynn has not only touched the lives of many children and parents but also established rapport and a relationship of trust with them. She goes the extra mile in helping warriors become one with Math and to identify and enhance their unique potential for academic and personal achievement. Lynn is a passionate, fun and diligent coach who is dedicated in servicing with a heart and ensuring that her students fully master the skill of solving Math with ease.

Under the coaching of the Math Master, students are able to independently solve Math problems with speed and accuracy.

As a student–oriented Math Master, Lynn consistently comes up with Secret Success Strategies, efficient note taking materials, blending innovative and traditional methods to produce a solid foundation for lifelong learning. She seeks enjoyment in developing step-by-step approach to problem solving and critical thinking sums to ease students’ comfort in acquiring new knowledge and confidence in solving problems independently.

“Math isn’t just about numbers or grades, but it is a concoction of developing mathematical thinking, patience, systematic habits and an analytical mind.”- With this philosophical definition of Math, Lynn allows students to see the math world in a more meaningful way and those who have not experience it are in for a most pleasurable surprise.